Data Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your data

Avoid unexpected costs! Natural disasters to spilling a cup of coffee accidents happen in an instant.

How much would your business suffer when data was suddenly lost?

Available data sources suggest; the average time needed to recover lost data is approximately 8 hours and if a firm does not employ an IT support specialist who is able to retrieve lost data, the company must go to an outside firm to attempt data recovery. This data also suggests a conservatively estimate for the data loss. Available data sources suggest that individuals who use computers at work earn an average of $46.48 an hour for their employers. A recent study estimated the cost of the lost data to be $2000 to $8000.00.

Cost of technical support in the recovery effort: $580.00/p>
Cost of lost productivity due to user downtime: $371.84
Cost of lost data: $4000.00
TOTAL (per incident): $2957.00 to $8957.00

Based on research done by Pepperdine University, it was proven that 6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in a given year.

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