About Us

The goal of CTSGroup is to provide our clients with the solutions that fit their technology needs.


We are not a large “box store” operation, we don’t mold our clients into what is most profitable. We believe the best way to serve our clients is by taking time to learn what your needs and goals are. Using this information and our experience, we can craft the best solution to fit your circumstances.


CTSGroup is not in business for the highest profit, but outstanding customer support with the best value for your time and money. We setup an appointment to meet with you in person, discussing the idea that you are trying to realize. Afterwards, we provide written proposals, detailing different options and solutions. If we come to your business to fix an issue and it’s a quick fix, we offer to remain on-site for the hour, conducting training, fixing other issues and to listen to your concerns and ideas.


We care for our customers and will quickly return a missed call, you will receive the best IT service available. We identify and solve even the most difficult problems, regardless of the cause. You make one call to us, we take care of the rest.


CTSGroup offers training, taking the time to learn your system so we can help you utilize it to its full potential. Whenever we install a system, besides the thorough initial training provided at install, we provide follow up training to make sure that all your questions are answered. Especially the questions that come up after a few days of working with new technology.


Data networking systems are complex, made up of many parts and services. This is where our “one-stop-shop” approach works for you. If anything goes wrong, just call us. We will handle equipment problems, if the trouble is determined to be with the lines or circuits, we will deal with service providers on your behalf. As mentioned, you make one call to us, we take care of the rest.

thinking outside of the box for over 15 years!